Friday, November 19, 2010

More than just war games

I play other games besides 40k.  I'm a big role playing fan.  In fact, role playing was my first hobby, and I still game today.  It goes without saying that I got into role playing games with D&D, the red box set, and then 1E.  I remember 2E launching, dealing with the black death series, and then welcoming 3E with open arms.  I was still happy with 4E.  However, times change, and I have to expand my horizons.  With the recent changes to 4E's character builder software, it occurred to me that while I love the 4E game, I had become too dependent on software to play my game.

So now it's time to expand.  There are a large number of role playing games I've wanted to play.  Other fantasy based games, Rogue Trader and the other 40k RPGs, maybe some wild west or steampunk style role playing game.

That all being said, this weekend, I get to enjoy a 4E game where the group will most likely bemoan the character builder changes and ponder what to do next.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First attempts at some  green stuff on my Vindicator and my Typhus.

Monday, November 15, 2010


My Nurgle forces needed a new HQ, so what better HQ then Typhus. I wasn't too fond of the GW model, and I wanted something a bit more imposing, so I went after the Terminator Lord, hacked up a good reaper, and made sure to make him seems larger and more imposing. Can't wait to paint him!


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