Friday, July 31, 2009

Nurgle Daemon Prince

With my new model built and primed with The Army Painter's Necrotic Flesh, I started painting it up. So far so good. I did a complete wash with GW's old Green Ink which gave it a nice solid green color. I did up the sword with a simple rust effect which came out well. After that, started working on lightning up the model by coloring all the spines sticking out with Bleached Bone and then Skull White. The horns got the same effect, though more work needs to be done on the head where it meets with the horns. The armor was done with Camo Green. I wanted the armor to blend in but at the same time stand out. I think it works so far. I highlighted the edges a bith with a 1:1 mix of Camo Green and Skull White. The chaos symbol in the middle was first done with Icy Blue with a Skull White Highlight. I still have a lot more to do. I want to avoid using metallic colors in this model, so I will have to practice a bit to make sure the chainmail and chains look good. I still have to figure out what I want to do with the sword hilt.

The model is going to be a Daemon Prince of Nurgle for my chaos army. It's actually a Warhammer Fantasy model, Be'Lakor, the Dark Master, but I loved the model. I complete treat to paint. I truth, I can easily see myself picking up another and building it up again.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Homemade Light Box

I found an excellent tutorial on building a homemade light box. The results are pretty awesome. I need to buy another light to increase the results, but I think it will help me become a better painter, as well. I can take pictures and get a real close look at what I'm actually doing and work from there. At the very least, it will allow me to take pictures of my miniatures and get better results.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Big Building - My Marines Need Someplace to Crash

It's a big building, for sure. I'm using the Pegasus Hobbies Gothic City Building Large Set. It's a good number of pieces that pretty much let's you build what you want. More importantly, it's incredibly easy to put together. I added the flooring myself. I'm considering adding a bit more to the rear wall, but not sure yet. I still have quite a bit more work to do, but wanted to let the glue set.

I wanted to make sure that a Rhino could make it into the ruins from at least one side.

Hey, look, Dreadnoughts can get in as well!
Looking down from the top. Obliterators on the roof, rawr!
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


A local store today pulled out it's old 40k, Fantasy, and LotR stock and put it on sale at 50% off retail. Needless to say, I've been having a field day. Lots of older models, and it's missing a lot of stuff, but still, the selection is still pretty good. I picked up two Hammerheads and two Tau Battleforces, and tomorrow I'm going back for more. Keep in mind, it's all 50% off. I made the decision to go Tau for several reasons.

1. I wanted a ranged, mobile army. Currently I have a solid Nurgle army which I'm almost finished painting. With my Chaos Space Marines, I also have a lot of Khorne Berzerkers which I can build a Khorne army with lots of Land Raiders and lots of fearsome close combat death. Tau is a comletely different style of army, and something I look forward to playing.

2. I wanted a clean, regimented army that wasn't Imperial. Everyone plays Imperial. I might someday as well, but not today. Tau models are smooth compared to Chaos. The color schemes are precise, bright, and beautiful. The lines are clean, colors smooth, and everything is orderly.

3. I love the vehicles. After all the box-shaped rhinos, the Tau vehicles are beautiful models.

I've been reading over the codex, and I'm pleased. I don't have many unit choices, but I have lots of options. I'm sure certain options are better than others, but I really want to focus on building a themed army so I've been avoiding reading forums and strategems and army lists. At some point I'll dip my head into them, but I'm interested in having a well round Tau force that works the way I want it to (a strong ranged force that will avoid close combat). I want mobility, I want troops, and I want a strong sense of theme. Even my Nurgle army, which is classic plague marines inside tin cans still holds strong to a theme. I can't help it if the options for a Nurgle based army are all essentially strong options.

I have a 1,500 point game against Tyranid tomorrow. One daemon prince with Mark of Nurgle and Warptime, 4 Plague Marine squads of 5 men with meltas and champions with fists, and 2 obliterator squads of 3 obliterators each. Yeah, I know. Meltas against Tyranids!? But I want to try out meltas as I've been going plasma crazy lately and want to see how they feel with my style. I have a feeling my prince is gonna be busy, though.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dreadnought, Rhinos, Meltas and Plasmas

I got a lot done these past two days. Put together 11 new guys. Five plasmas and six meltas have been modeled, though I still have to prime and paint them.
I also started working on paining my second rhino in the Nurgle theme. It's slightly different then the first rhino, and I like the second one better. I still have to weather it and add wear and tear to the vehicle, as well as darken it up a bit, but the overall color scheme and look is finished. I'm very pleased with the highlighting effect.

Finally, I had a chance to finish the base on my dreadnought. Just two colors, but I like the effect for the dreadnought. I'm not sure it will work for the rest of my army, but I want a simple base color that would go well. I think the blue might work well contrasting against the green.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Obliterator Squad One

I've completed the painting of the models for my first Obliterator Squad. Two more to go! I still have to finish off two more models, with a third to repair. The final two I will probably do in the same style as the middle Obliterator, the one with the chain fist and terminator shoulder pad. I might consider using some possessed arm piece. Anyways, I'm quite pleased with the quality, and on the field they look great. The better part is they fit well with the rest of the army.

Magnets for Models

A long list of links on magnetizing models published on From the Warp, reposted here so I can keep it handy.

Magnets: Alternative options, by FoxPhoenix's 40k
Magnets: Dreadnought, by Shortsonfire79's Modeling
Magnets: Bases by Battlebarge
Magnets: Dreadnought arms, by Mik's Minis
Magnets: Eldar Grav Tank weapons, by Awakening Ynnead
Magnets: Flying bases, by Ron Saikowski (FTW)
Magnets: Land Speeder weapons, by Pit of the Oni
Magnets: Land Speeder by Talonstrike
Magnets: Predator turret weapons, by The Painting Corps
Magnets: Razorback weapons, by Pit of the Oni
Magnets: Rhino to Predator and back, by The Painting Corps
Magnets: Space Marines, by Shortsonfire79's Modeling
Magnets: Space Marines Part 1, Part 2, by All Things 40k
Magnets: Stormlord weapons, by Shortsonfire79's Modeling
Magnets: Terminator arms, by The Angel's Talon
Magnets: Various models, by Shortsonfire79's Modeling
Magnets: Valkyrie how to by Corbania Prime

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Realm of Battle Board

I finally got around to deciding what style I wanted to paint my realm of battle board with, and actually got done with painting it in a single day. I'll admit that I didn't choose anything difficult, but it fit with the style of my CSM army, and that was important to me. All things considered, I'm quite happy with it. The board is too red in the picture, and the bastion is to white. The contrasting green bastion and army beside the red and black ground makes for a very interesting color scheme. I love it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Planetstrike - Defensive Strategies

I played my first game of Planetstrike recently, and loved it. My Nurgle Force against a Tyranid force. These are a couple things I learned playing the defense.

1. Reinforcements

If it's not in a bastion, it should be able to withstand a hit from the firestorm barrage. You can easily lose a large portion of your army if you aren't careful. I underestimated the effects of the barrage myself, and lost almost a third of my army (a predator with lascannons all around, a defiler, and a vindicator).

You should put ranged units into reserve if you can help it. Initial deep strikes into your base, or near the base need to be handled quickly. Having your units be able to handle that is key. But having units come in from reserve from a random location means that your close combat guys farther from the fight then you'd want.

2. Table Setup

There is no shame in making sure the table is setup however you'd like. Being detailed is important, but I think the most important part of the setup is leaving open space, and lots of it. Sure, the fighting will most likely take place inside your fort for the most part, but anything coming in from the board edge should have as little cover as possible. It's only natural. Commanders of forts and castles would clear away the trees from far around the walls ensuring a clear line of sight. Soldiers today scan the area where they setup defenses so they know all the nooks and crannies where the enemy might hide, and attempt to clear out as much space as possible. Even difficult terrain can be placed strategically. There is nothing wrong with clearing out a moat around your base. Obviously, all this could impede reinforcements coming in from the outside and hinder you as much, but you'll need to weigh your options yourself.

For myself, I still have a lot to think about in terms of setting up defensive terrain and fortress structures. Obliterators are excellent troops, especially if I can get them up high, so a double story bastion is appealing. In this case, this bastion is then worth two points, and becomes a desireable target to knock down. Of course, there are strategems that exist to hinder just that. Of course, even a normal bastion can easily accomplish this with a cleared out board. There is also the issues of placement of multiple objectives. If given the option, do you want to place objectives near one another or split apart. The split approach could be nice. It forces the attackers to commit or split their force. Against fast moving forces it's probably a weaker choice. I think in this case deciding your objective layout is something that should be decided based on the army type.

Against fast moving armies, lumping up the objectives close reduces the effectiveness of the armies speed. If they are near one objective, they are easily surrounded. They don't have far to manuever, and are generally weaker when pinned to a point. If the army tries to stay at range for a last turn attempt to rush the points, then all the better. Either way, keeping this army tethered to a small area reduces the effectiveness of their speed. Keeping this type of army out of cover is important, as being close and in cover will make your job more difficult.

Conversely, against a slow moving army, splitting up the objectives forces the opponent to keep moving the entire game. In this case, moving through difficult terrain can impede their progress. With these armies, range attacks are usually what they are looking for, so actually setting up some cover can help you just as much as them. Difficult terrain also slows down their progress.

These solutions seem sensible to me. That being said, I'd still have to try them out.

3. Table Setup, part 2

The other thing to consider when setting up your objectives is how you'll be able to keep your objectives should they be taken. You don't want to split your objectives up and then have no way to get them back. Of course, if you've split your defenses up, but not too far, you can use the strategem Escape Hatch to get troops out to the bunker quickly. After all, the Escape Hatch doesn't just have to be for escaping.

4. Consolidations and Holding Objectives

Be careful when consolidating troops near objectives. Try and keep your guys touching the objectives, and keep them spread out. Assaulting troops won't be able to get around your troops to touch the objective, but keeping your guys touching the objective can bring you a win if the attacker can't get into base contact. This worked for me exceptionally well in on long assault that found both the attackers and defenders barely making a dent round after round of combat. By keeping at least one guy in base contact with the bastion, I held the point.

5. Assaulting and Close Combat

Assaulting, and close combat in general, can be the key to victory for a defender. If you can keep the attacking units in close combat, they can't move. They must keep fighting, and that prevents them from capturing an objective. Even if they are touching an objective, a proper assault could force the attacker to move his models off the objective, at least denying him a point. This is great for the last turn in the game (well, you hope the last turn), where a properly angled attack can force a model off an objective. Of course, don't count on this happening often, but keep an eye out for it.

6. Tough Troops

You need units that can survive, and kill. This is why you've been handed 6 heavy slots, but this doesn't mean you need to use heavy units. Go for units that can survive hand to hand in combat, that are tough and long lasting. Plague Marines are my favorite for this, of course, I play Chaos Space Marines, so of course I would. If your troops are frail in close combat, you'd have to have a good reason to field them. Close combat will most likely happen for all your units, and you want them to survive (especially when you consider point 5 above). Remember, even if your unit slowly dies, keeping the enemy off the objective can give you the win.

This all means leaving home the fast moving but fragile units. Sounds obvious, sure, but it's very, very true and should not be forgotten.

Well, these are my initial thoughts. After a few games on the offense, I'll post my thoughts about that as well.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Chaos Dreadnought

I love my Chaos Dreadnought. He looks cool. Two close combat weapons, heavy flamer, twin linked bolters, and a nurgle-themed paint job. But as far as effectiveness goes, he's been a thorn in my side. I'd love to field him, but without a doubt, I've suffered so much every time I've fielded them. In my last two games, my close combat dreadnought has been less then effective. In fact, he's killed more points on my side then on my opponents side.

So, as much as I like the looks of him, I can't field him if I want to be effective. I played a small 1000 point game yesterday against space marines, and he was a waste of 105 points. Two rounds I rolled a 1, with the first round luckily not causing damage because he was strategically placed and troops were still in rhinos. A third round I rolled a 6, but since he had been immobilized, it didnt' do anything adverse. But he was immobilized by then anyways. The second roll of a 1 caused the death of two of my plague marines. That was fun.

The other problem is the predator. In the tyranid battle, it was taken out first round with no chance for survival. In the space marine game, he did some damage, but not much. The question I have to ask myself is if he was really worth it. He did take some fire, but did he cause much damage?

On a side note: Must remember to roll Warp Time checks at the start of rounds!


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