Monday, September 14, 2009

Army List - 1500 - CSM Nurgle

Tomorrow I'm playing against a new SM army my friend picked up. We are playing at 1500 points. I have no idea what toys he's bringing, but I saw the army, and it's rolling armor and other typical SM fare. So I've had to build a list with that in mind. I'm throwing my Nurgle force at it with the high hopes that it will hold out.

HQ: DP MoN WT - No surprise here. My DP has always proven reliable. Sure, he tends to die, but usually not before he does his job and takes out what he needs to. Tomorrow he's there to clean up dying units as well as the IC killer.

3 Squads of 6 w/PF, 2 w/Melta x2; 1 w/Plasma x2 - I find my PM's do well in small squads. Even at only 6 strong, they pack a mean punch. It get's more special weapons on the table, gives me more scoring units, and they don't miss out on much even if they did have a seventh. The plasma unit is there to hold the rear. They sit on the objective in the back and keep a watch over a section of their board. Depending on the setup and the board we play on, I might put them in reserve and have them come on late to hold the rear objective.

2 Squads of 2 Obliterators - I'm hoping we are playing on the city board Cosmos has. These guys will setup nicely at the top of the buildings there and have free range. They are Oblits. What more is there to say?

Bile Cannon - Vindicator with DP - What can I say, I love my Bile Cannon. It's pretty, it's sweet, it's everything neat. And it blasts big holes in things. I expect to get one round of fire out of him before he quickly becomes threatened by tank killers. I plan on Rhinos providing cover to the sides for the first turn. Again, really depends on mission and deployment. He's also there to attract a lot of the high strength fire I know is coming at me. This will keep the fire off the Oblits for a round or two. If he get's left alone, he'll provide a world of hurt.

5 Chosen w/Rhino, 4xMelta, 1xFlamer - Yeah, I know, flamer in a melta squad. Well, I had 6 points sitting around. Since this squad is going to be in close to whatever they have to deal with considering the meltas, and this gives me the ability to lay in with a lot of wounds. They will be held in reserve and come in late hopefully to push something off that is causing problems. This is the first time I've used the Chosen. Here's to hoping they work out well!

So, let's tally up what we have here.

  • 3 Scoring Units
  • 8 Power Weapons/Fists with the Oblits
  • 15 AP1/2 capable models inc/Vindicator
  • 6 Templates inc/Flamer
  • 12 KP's
The Oblits and in some ways the Vindicator is there to give me range. The Plasma Marines are there as well to provide backup and support. Everything else is close range. This is important considering what my opponent my bring. He's fond of using a drop pod to get his Dreadnought or Stern Guard in close to cause havoc giving him time to get everything else into position. If he doesn't bring it on tomorrow, it will make my life a bit easier. If he does, however, I'm keeping everything deployed closely. This means when the DP does drop, I can handle it quickly and efficiently. I can't let whatever he drops stall my advance.

However, knowing that he has a new fancy Rhino filled army to play with, I imagine he's going to want to use them. With that in mind, I have a feeling I know what he'll do. Split a Tac squad into combat squads. Move in while his ML sits back and fires on my armor with the rest of the squad in cover. They will likely be sitting on an objective.

Anyways, the goal with my army overall is simple enough. Provide enough options that he will have to split his fire. Everything in the army is a potential tank killer. Everything is a tough nut to crack or simply not on the board at the start to die. There is also a lot to shoot at. 3 Rhinos, a DP, 2 squads of Oblits, and a Vindy make for a large number of options. And really, they all can hurt. He knows the danger of the Oblits though, so I imagine he'll work hard to take them out. I can't blame him. Hopefully they get in a couple of rounds of fire before being taken down.

Now, I'm hoping this list will serve me well as a core 1500 point all-comers list that I can build on. It has things to handle the different types of lists I face (Orc, Tyranid, and SM).

I'll bring my camcorder along to get a video of the battle and hopefully put together a nice looking battle report.

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Mr.Esty said...

This is interesting. I'm putting together my first army (2000pts. Lords of Decay) so I'm always curious about tactics for nurgle armies. All the best to your boys!


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