Tuesday, June 23, 2009

'Ard Boyz Tourney List

2500 Pts - Chaos Marines Roster - Team Super Awesome 'Arder Boyz

The Daemon Formerly Known as Prince (1#, 175 Pts)
  • 1 Daemon Prince @ 175 Pts, Wings; Mark of Nurgle; Warptime (x1)
Hangs out behind the Squad Claws' Land Raider and assaults with them.

Lord Drol (1#, 155 Pts)
  • 1 Chaos Terminator Lord @ 155 Pts, Personal Icon; Mark of Nurgle; Lightning Claws (pair);
Go go Squad Claws!

Squad Tree (3#, 225 Pts)
  • 3 Obliterators @ 225 Pts
My initial Obliterators on the field. Provide initial support.

Squad Too (2#, 150 Pts)
  • 2 Obliterators @ 150 Pts
In reserve to Deep Strike where needed. I have several squads with Icons should they need to move up front.

Squad Fire (9#, 274 Pts)
  • 7 Plague Marines @ 274 Pts, Personal Icon; Flamer (x2);
  • 1 Plague Champion @ [63] Pts, Power Fist
  • 1 Rhino @ [35] Pts
The second half of the assault squads. While only in a Rhino, they are supposed to support Squad Claws. Claws assaults, and Fire comes out and lays down fire as needed, and will assault the next turn. They are also there to provide flanking cover.

Squad Wind (8#, 216 Pts)
  • 7 Plague Marines @ 216 Pts; Meltagun (x2);
  • 1 Rhino @ [35] Pts
Long range objective holder. Their goal is to get to an objective and hold it. Marines meltas to combat armor. Can also serve as Armor hunting, and generally being good Nurgles.

Squad Earth (8#, 216 Pts)
  • 7 Plague Marines @ 216 Pts; Meltagun (x2);
  • 1 Rhino @ [35] Pts
Same role as Wind.

Squad Water (8#, 216 Pts)
  • 7 Plague Marines @ 216 Pts; Meltagun (x2);
  • 1 Rhino @ [35] Pts
Same role as Wind.

Squad Heart (8#, 196 Pts)
  • 7 Plague Marines @ 216 Pts
  • 1 Rhino @ [35] Pts
With your powers combined, I form Cpt. Pla.....

Squad Claws (5#, 460 Pts)
  • 4 Terminator Champion @ [200] Pts
  • Mark of Nurgle; Land Raider; Lightning Claws (pair) (x4);
  • 1 Land Raider @ [220] Pts
Go go Assault! Kill things. Try not to die.
Squad Deep Penetration (5#, 215 Pts)
  • 5 Terminators @ 215 Pts
  • Power Weapon (x5); Twin Linked Bolter (x4); Reaper Autocannon (x1); Mark of Nurgle
Deep Strike Unit. Comes in where needed. Is a ranged Terminator squad, so it has a large range to come in on and still be effective. Hopefully can come in to support Claws and clear a large whole.

Total Roster Cost: 2498

Anyways, the idea here is pretty simple. This army list plays to my play style. I'm a defensive player, and I prefer playing a defensive game. Planetstrike is appealing because I can play the defense! But that's neither here nor there. Anyways, the idea is a strong surgical strike force or two in the form of Squad Fire and Squad Claws, along with both HQs. Basically, the Claws go in with the Raider and the Lord with Fire as a support unit. Squad DP is there to help shore up incoming units after Claw and Fire and pushed into the line. Earth, Water, Air, and Heart are focused on holding the flank. They are strong enough that killing them isn't that easy, and even with a concentrated push, a force will get tied up long enough that Squad DP can come in and support should they need to. The Daemon is there to support Claw, and assault with them. The Squad Tree is out on the field from the get go. They are primarily there to support the other plague marine squads and giving them a bit of support as needed. Finally, Squad Too is out on Deep Strike with the ability to come in and support whoever needs it. Squad Too is primarily for heavy and high armory vehicles, and Squad DP is primarily anti-horde/infantry.

A lot of emphasis is put on getting Claws into combat fast and keeping them there. Once they disembark, the Land Raider's job is to sit behind them and support them and be prepared to haul them off to another location if need be. However, this emphasis means if they go down, and large chunk of the army goes with them. But I'm confident that even then, the reinforcements coming down will help. Both reinforcements are ranged oriented. This means they work whether they are deep striking into the enemy side, or farther back.

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