Thursday, October 22, 2009

Land Raider WIP - Skulls for the Blood God

Just wanted to throw up some pictures of my Land Raider's progress this evening. The lascannons are magnetized. Put a bunch of skulls on it, and I'm considering putting more on. The banners are pinned so they can be removed for normal play and put up for display. I don't think I'm putting spikes on the beast.

Tomorrow it get's sprayed down, and we begin painting! Yes, it's going to be red. Red! Red I tell you!

Things I'm still considering:

  • More skulls! More heads! Heads of other races. Can I have too many?

  • What I want to do with the hole in the top. While I can easily put up a weapon, or just close it off, or magnetize it, I really want to do something cool. Hrm, I'll show you tomorrow.

  • Color scheme. Red is obvious. Gold/Yellow/Black/White are all going to be apart of it. But how do I want to show it off. Which colors where.

  • The name. Obviously something short and bloody.

  • The center-rear of the vehicle might need a larger banner. Pretty much over the exhaust pipes. A big banner proclaiming the blood god, his desire for blood, and that blood is, in fact, for the blood god.

So, if you have any ideas, let me know, please. Thoughts or comments are welcome. Tomorrow, I'll be putting up a video update, but I know some of you don't follow my YouTube channel, and I like to make sure my updates here aren't just YouTube videos. Pictures and text can do a lot more then a simple video.

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