Sunday, August 30, 2009

500 pt Tourney AAR

Okay, so here is my after action report for the 500 pt friendly tourney my 3 friends and I did. I ended up with a simple 500 pt list:

  • Daemon Prince with Wings and Warptime
  • 5 CSM w/Champ w/PW and Melta
  • 5 CSM w/Champ w/PF and Flamer, melta bomb (extra points!)
  • Dreadnought w/x2 CCW, TL Bolter and Heavy Flamer
A very small list for sure, but did pretty well all things considered. I went 1 and 1. I beat the Space Marine player, and lost to the Orc player. Now, to be fair, the Orc and Tyranid players both brought 2 lists, one anti-horde and the other anti-SM. Both myself and the SM player bought one list, and after the tourney, we explained that next time, it's one list for everyone.

The terrain was heavy city terrain on a 4x4 table.

Both rounds were also Dawn of War for everyone due to randomness being consistent. I played two objective games. against the SM, the critical part was deploying first and strategically. The SM player deployed far back in a building. This proved to be a problem as it hindered his mobility. My DP took out his HQ a 5-man tac. squad, and being able to fly around was great for mobility. He was able to jump up and assault the HQ and squad on round two. strategic placement of troops also allowed them to stay close to objectives without getting fired at. The Dreadnought didn't do too much, other then a bit of damag to a Sternguard unit. But he was a big deterrent from the SM's leaving their building without him going down.

The orcs consisted of 1 Copta, and 2 squads of boys, nobs, and that HQ that gives the squad Feel No Pain. In the end, it was just numbers that killed me. A minor part of forgetting the objective of the game (objectives, not killing!). However, this list was custom designed to kill SM's, so I'm not worried too much. Even still, the first 3 turns looked like it was in my favor. However, when my 5 man CSM squad died all in one shot by failing all 5 of their armor saves, it was clear that the chaos gods were not in my favor.

All in all, a good night of gaming. We'd have pictures, but frankly, I didn't get many. The "recharged according to my wife" camera was low on batteries. Awesome! After the games, we went across the street for beer and burgers, and a good time all around.

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