Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tau Log - Fire Warrior Squad

I finally started working on my Tau army. I love Tau. The models are beautiful and sharp. The story is awesome. The playstyle seems fun. It's completely different from my Nurgle army (which I still love!). Tau are the opposite of Chaos Space Marines in terms of fluff and style.

I finished modeling the Stormlord, and I wanted to take a break. I'm waiting for some Ebay stuff to come in so I can continue working on the Plague Tower, and so I decided I'd paint up a Fire Warrior squad. The goal with this army is simple: create an awesome looking army that I can pull out and get people to stare. Every model in this unit tells a specific story. Really! Every model is posed in a certain way and for a reason. I went through each model and posed him with a purpose. I based everything before I started modeling. This ensure that the models were setup around the base. Some of the Fire Warriors are walking around rocks on the ground, others are using it to brace themselves as they fire, and finally some are still running into position.

I'm going for the traditional Tau Sept color look (Vomit Brown). I debated going for a simple white them, or some other them, but in the end, I wanted Vomit Brown. So the Fire Warriors are getting built first. I'm still on the bench as far as drones go. I'm not sure how I will use them in the army (though i will use them), so I havent' bothered with them in this unit yet. After they are finished, I start work on my first Devilfish. The Fish will be completley magnetized. The doors will open, the inside will be painted. Seriously, I want this army to look nice. Considering I already have a fully working Nurgle army painted up, I'm not in any rush to get these guys done fast.

Anyways, I've already started painting them. I'll keep you updated!

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