Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To 40k Only

I don't have many readers, I'm sure, but I still wanted to post this here. In order to keep things nice and organized, I'll be moving my non 40k posts to another blog in a few days. I'll provide a link to it here of course, and it will be updated just like this one. I just have a strong desire to keep things organized nicely.

Most of the older content will remain, but will be moved over as well. The 40k stuff won't change.

As far as my YouTube Videos go, I'll be setting up a new channel for that. It will actually be named LotsOfDice! Yay! It will run all my gaming related videos. Of course, all my 40k videos will be posted here, so no worries about that.

As far as upcoming content, I got some fun stuff in store. My friends and I are planning an Apocalypse game! So you'll get to see the build up for that. I'm also working on a big chaos base. I'll have some videos up soon on how I'm doing that, and you'll see each of the steps. Should be interesting, as I've never done anything like it. You'll also get to see me try and build up my Baneblade, and maybe something else. You'll see!

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