Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dreadnought, Rhinos, Meltas and Plasmas

I got a lot done these past two days. Put together 11 new guys. Five plasmas and six meltas have been modeled, though I still have to prime and paint them.
I also started working on paining my second rhino in the Nurgle theme. It's slightly different then the first rhino, and I like the second one better. I still have to weather it and add wear and tear to the vehicle, as well as darken it up a bit, but the overall color scheme and look is finished. I'm very pleased with the highlighting effect.

Finally, I had a chance to finish the base on my dreadnought. Just two colors, but I like the effect for the dreadnought. I'm not sure it will work for the rest of my army, but I want a simple base color that would go well. I think the blue might work well contrasting against the green.

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