Wednesday, July 22, 2009


A local store today pulled out it's old 40k, Fantasy, and LotR stock and put it on sale at 50% off retail. Needless to say, I've been having a field day. Lots of older models, and it's missing a lot of stuff, but still, the selection is still pretty good. I picked up two Hammerheads and two Tau Battleforces, and tomorrow I'm going back for more. Keep in mind, it's all 50% off. I made the decision to go Tau for several reasons.

1. I wanted a ranged, mobile army. Currently I have a solid Nurgle army which I'm almost finished painting. With my Chaos Space Marines, I also have a lot of Khorne Berzerkers which I can build a Khorne army with lots of Land Raiders and lots of fearsome close combat death. Tau is a comletely different style of army, and something I look forward to playing.

2. I wanted a clean, regimented army that wasn't Imperial. Everyone plays Imperial. I might someday as well, but not today. Tau models are smooth compared to Chaos. The color schemes are precise, bright, and beautiful. The lines are clean, colors smooth, and everything is orderly.

3. I love the vehicles. After all the box-shaped rhinos, the Tau vehicles are beautiful models.

I've been reading over the codex, and I'm pleased. I don't have many unit choices, but I have lots of options. I'm sure certain options are better than others, but I really want to focus on building a themed army so I've been avoiding reading forums and strategems and army lists. At some point I'll dip my head into them, but I'm interested in having a well round Tau force that works the way I want it to (a strong ranged force that will avoid close combat). I want mobility, I want troops, and I want a strong sense of theme. Even my Nurgle army, which is classic plague marines inside tin cans still holds strong to a theme. I can't help it if the options for a Nurgle based army are all essentially strong options.

I have a 1,500 point game against Tyranid tomorrow. One daemon prince with Mark of Nurgle and Warptime, 4 Plague Marine squads of 5 men with meltas and champions with fists, and 2 obliterator squads of 3 obliterators each. Yeah, I know. Meltas against Tyranids!? But I want to try out meltas as I've been going plasma crazy lately and want to see how they feel with my style. I have a feeling my prince is gonna be busy, though.

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SC John said...

I have taken a recent liking to the tau as well, I will focas on my favorites the crisis suits and kroot with kroot hounds.

Santa Cruz Warhammer


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