Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Realm of Battle Board

I finally got around to deciding what style I wanted to paint my realm of battle board with, and actually got done with painting it in a single day. I'll admit that I didn't choose anything difficult, but it fit with the style of my CSM army, and that was important to me. All things considered, I'm quite happy with it. The board is too red in the picture, and the bastion is to white. The contrasting green bastion and army beside the red and black ground makes for a very interesting color scheme. I love it.


Kraggi said...

Very impressive... I am looking at getting one of these myself, and can only hope it will look as nice once I get it painted.

Jason said...

It was rather easy to paint and a reason for being the color it is. My army would blast the planet before sending troops down, so essentially that is the blasted landscape. Getting the color right wasn't difficult, either. Black Ultra-Flat Krylon spray paint is what I used for the base color. The red is actually a rust colored primer I picked up at Canadian Tire. A cheap car primer. The rocks were done with basic Codex Gray and the skulls with Bleached Bone, both from GW. Dry brushing the stone took the longest.

I had considered flocking the entire board, but it really will be something I carry with me to games, so I didn't want flock getting every where. Besides, I have the Citadel Battlemat already if I want to play on a green, grassy field.


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