Sunday, September 6, 2009

500 pt 3-way

My two friends and I met up yesterday with the intent to play a quick and easy 3 way game at 500 points. 500 point games are fast and easy, and make it easier to get in a 3-way rather than sitting one person out and waiting. I changed up my last 500 point list.

500 pt
Chaos Lord, Combi-Flamer/PF - 125 pts

CSMx5 - AC w/PF, Flamer, Rhino w/TLBolter - 165 pts
CSMx5 - Melta - 85 pts
Noise Marinesx5 w/Sonic Blastersx5 - 125 pts

My opponents were Codex SM and Tyranids. I had to deal with both high numbers and armor (Dreadnoughts and Razorbacks). I got to set up first, and decided to take a corner, set up my Noise Marines on a high, well defended hill. The board, btw, was only 4x4. Anyways, my Noise Marines would be able to completely cover the objective from their vantage point without moving and be able to take cover as needed. My Flamer squad and Lord were put into the Rhino, and my melta squad started behind the Rhino.

I was able to take out the Dreadnought by turn 3, which was actually really lucky all things considered. It was my first shot with the melta, and Destroyed it with ease. The next turn I took out the Razor back which had cover, but failed it's cover save. My melta squad really did well, even on foot!

My rhino lasted until turn 4, so turn 5 I had to disembark. However, by that point, I was able to split up my squad and HQ and get both sides of the Tyranids in front. Through some skillful positioning, I was able to flame and large number of gaunts and still attack the Hive Tyrant. Though my squad failed their morale check to assault, my Lord got into close combat easily enough. He suffered one wound from the Hive Tyrant, and turned around and was able to easily deliver the final wound needed to bring down the beast.

The Space Marines, having been whittled down to 5 models, actually pulled off the win at turn 5. He needed several lucky things to take place. First, he killed off my contesting Melta unit with 2 kills (having the Tyranids killing off 2 earlier). From there he was able to take my flamer unit down to 3 and they failed their morale check and started to fall back. But by then, he was the only unit with the objective. He just now needed the game to end, which it did with a roll of 2.

It was a great game, despite losing. The Emperor's Children were also really effective. 24" Heavy 3 gave them 15 shots a round. Very, very effective against the Tyranids and Space Marines. Whenever they fired, something was going to die.

Despite losing, I feel I played well. My troops all did exactly what they were supposed to do, and I don't think I could have done anything differently to really change the outcome too much.

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