Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Battle Report - 1500 pt Nurgle v.s. SM

So, I took my list I built yesterday over to BD Cosmos and played against my friend Tommy's new Holwing Griffons army. I forgot my camera. I know. I suck. Here is the report.

It was Command and Control and Pitched Battle. We had actually rolled Dawn of War, but we'd played a bit to much DoW lately, so rerolled. I got to go first, and choose an objective on top of a nice little hill behind some solid cover. I setup my Obliterators and my Plasma squad there to hold the objective. To their left was a melta marine squad in a rhino. On my right was an empty Rhino, a Vindicator, 2 more oblits, and my DP. Right heavy because his objective was in the right corner. The Chosen were in reserve.

Let's start off with what worked. My Daemon Prince rocked! He took out a squad of 5 bikers, 2 dreadnoughts, and a squad of marines before being taken down by mass bolter and melta fire. He was the wrecking ball that cleared the right flank.

The Chosen Marines also did very well, though for reasons beyond what they were created for. They came in on turn 2, which was nice. They also were able to come in on the right flank, which is where the SM player had placed his objective. So, they came in and were basically right next to the objective, but since they couldn't take down the Dreadnought they were firing at, the next turn bad things happened. The SM marine squad came in and at point blank range destroyed the Rhino with a melta weapon. The Chosen were then assaulted by a Dreadnought and the 5 man marine squad.

The three units were stuck in combat until the 4th turn! The Chosen held out that long! They are, after all, Chosen. The Dreadnought did poorly, constantly missing, and I was making save after save. And considering we were so close to the edge of the board, the SM player wouldn't take the risk of combat tactics to get out of combat.

So, what else happened? The Vindicator lasted until turn 2. The SM had a Vindy as well, but theirs got blown up in Turn 1. The Vindy didn't do much except attract a lot of fire. This was as planned, and did well. It did stop a Rhino for a turn (this turned out to be a theme), but I question using a Bile Cannon as a firing magnet.

The Obliterators used their lascannons effectively While they didn't destroy as much as I'd hope, they did keep a lot of rhinos from moving, and that helped out a lot, slowing down the progression of the SM on my left flank. And the left flank was the weaker flank.

My marines on the left flank did surprisingly well, too. For such a small force, the obliterators provided ample covering fire. The marines were able to take out 2 Land Speeders. After the game, we decided that the Land Speeders were played wrong, as were the bikers, but even still, the marines did their job admirably. They didn't go down until the SM Librarian and squad got into close combat with them near the end of the game.

The big moment in the game was a blunder on my part. I over thought and forgot to include Combat Tactics. I fired at a 2 man SM squad wanting to only kill one. So, with 1 Melta firing, I killed one, and the lone marine fell back. I had intended to assault the remaining marine, giving me 4 more inches of movement, and then after killing him, get a consolidation move afterwards getting me close enough to the objective to hold or contest it.

Ahh, my failure. Granted, if the game had gone to a 6th round, I would have contested the objective, and most likely have held it long enough to win 1-0. We rolled a 1 though and the game ended at 5.

It was a great match, and I enjoyed the feel of the army. I still have a bit more to play around with.

There are however a few things I would change.

First, I want to lighten the load on the Chosen. Two meltas would be better. They are in a Rhino, and only 2 can fire out. Once they get out, they are foot sloggers, and foot slogging with meltas doesn't give you a lot of range. However, I would like to add a Combi-Melta to my Rhino. It gives me a bit more punch as I come on the board. Overall, I can come in firing with more for less. I'd also drop the Flamer, giving me 26 points to work with. Not sure where to use it. Maybe give my Chosen some Close Combat weapons for when they get assaulted.

Beyond that, I'm happy with the list. Now to test it out on a horde army.

Of course, I also have to plan out a 1750 list, 1850 list, and a 2000 point list. All based around this core. For the 1750 list I might cut out the Vindy and swap in a LR with Termies. Not sure yet. I'll let you know. I want Abbadon in somewhere.

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