Thursday, September 17, 2009

Death Guard Warband Rules - Initial Thoughts

Death Guard Warband Rules
Version 0.1

Force List

No vehicles which aren’t classified as walkers can be taken.

  • Typhus
  • Chaos Lord/Terminator
  • Chaos Lord Sorcerer/Terminator
  • Daemon Prince in games 1500 or more points
  • Summoned Greater Daemon

  • Chosen Chaos Space Marines
  • Chaos Terminators
  • Chaos Dreadnought
  • Possessed Chaos Space Marines

  • Plague Marines
  • Chaos Space Marines
  • Summoned Lesser Daemons

Fast Attack
  • Chaos Raptors
  • Chaos Spawn

  • Chaos Havoks
  • Obliterator Cult
  • Chaos Defiler

Unit Changes

Each Infantry and Jump Infantry model gains the following at a cost of 3 points a model:
  • Toughness 4 (5)
  • Feel No Pain

Plague Marines gain an additional bonus:
  • Relentless

All infantry must pay this cost.

Chaos Space Marines and Plague Marines can only take squad sizes of 7.  However, 7 is considered to be a squad size of 10 for obtaining additional weapons.  This squad size includes the champion.

The only Icon a unit can take is a Personal Icon.  Any unit that can take an Icon can also take a Personal Icon for 5 points.

Possessed Chaos Space Marines do not roll for their ability.  Instead, they get the Scout ability.

Walkers cost 35 more points at the base.  They get the following as default:
  • Extra Armor
  • Venerable

Walkers can also spend another 20 points and upgrade their Front and Side armor by 1.

All Monstrous Creatures cost 10 more points a model, but get the following:
  • +1 Toughness
  • Feel No Pain

Chaos Havoks gain the following:
  • Tank Hunters

All Chaos Sorcerer Lords are considered to have the Mark of Nurgle for the purposes of selecting powers.

The goal here is to follow the theme of the Death Guard and provide an army of walkers.  They need to be able to weather the fire, so an increase in toughness and Feel No Pain abound.  I'm still not sure about the point values and abilities.  I'm also not sure Plague Marines are worth it over normal Chaos Space Marines.  I'm also considered about the lack of speed.  Maybe Plague Marines should get a bonus to movement? Maybe be able to move 1d6 inches in the assault phase instead of assaulting.  This would symbolize their constant movement forward, as well as given them some additional speed.  Coupled with Relentless, they might be worth the points over Chaos Space Marines.

I'll probably post this on Heresy Online after I've had some time to mull over it.  Thoughts? Comments? Ideas?

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