Friday, September 11, 2009

Obliterators v.s. Land Raiders

So, Obliterators are pretty awesome heavy choices for CSM. 75 points, 6 weapon options, and you can have 3 to a squad, or as few as 1. They have 2 wounds, 2+/5+ saves, and can deep strike in. All together awesome.

With a toughness of 4. That's the big downer, here. So, you essentially find a place for them to sit, in cover, while pestering the board with your lascannon fire. I mean, not bad, not bad at all.

But at 225 for 3 of them, is it really worth it? A Land Raider is cheaper, though you have a much more limited choice in weaponry, but still you get 2 TL lascannons a TL heavy bolter, and a TL bolter for the same price. At 14 armor all around. And let's face it, the chance of taking out the LR is lower than taking out the obliterators. Granted, it's easier to hide the obliterators then the LR. Oh, and a single melta attack can spell good night to that expensive LR. The obliterators also look less threatening. They do!

Which makes me wonder. So often for Nurgle armies I see 3 Oblit squads, or 2 Oblit squads and a Vindicator.

As a side note, I love Vindicators. I love the models and the look of them on the battle field, so I have a soft spot for them. Anyways, back to the point:

Why not instead of 2 Oblit squads, go with a Land Raider and an Oblit squad? Maybe throw in a Vindicator as well. Throw in a small 5-man squad into the LR if you want it scoring, but it's not needed. With those three titans on the field, you'll be paying lots of points, but honestly, I'd throw down with 2 DPs and Plague Marines to fill in the rest. Besides, with the Vindicator you can cover one side of the LR, and a Rhino covers another side, potentially providing ample cover if you play it right. Besides, the LR provides more cover for your Oblits or DP, too.

This gives your opponent even more to think about. With 3 Oblit squads, it's kinda easy to say "I'm firing at the oblits." With a Vindicator, it takes a bit more thinking. With a LR, you have the real potential to cause some concern. Does he focus fire and risk doing no damage? Does he go after the Oblits first hoping to get through 3 models (assuming instant death here).

I'm gonna have to try this out.

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