Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rogue Trader RPG

I gotta say it: YAY!!!!  I've been anxiously awaiting Fantasy Flight's Rogue Trader RPG for some time now.  I remember the release of the Collector's Edition and jumping on the chance to get it.  I dig this sorta stuff.  Not only is the CE limited, but it's tied to my personally: Rogue Trader Jason Michael; my first and middle name, if you're wondering.

The game itself is all sorts of fun.  I've been reading every entry they have, loving every single one.  Ship combat and constructions, character creation, everything.  Not only is the game down right awesome, but... well, it's on its way!

I also have a lot of work to do now, because I think a few fellow role players are eager to get in a game of Rogue Trader, and I'm expected to DM.  Which is only fair, considering one of those guys is the DM for the D&D game I'm in.  But that's alright, I could use some scifi-40k-genestealer-rogue-trader role playing action.

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