Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lots of Dice Logo

My wife thinks my site sucks. At least the look of the site, and the logo, or lack-of one, inspired her to come up with a new logo. These are the ones she came up with. Oh, she had other logos, but weren't happy with them. These are the logos that made it, and even then, she has her favorites. Each one has an element I like. Considering I'm planning on using this logo in the future for other ventures beyond just a website, the logo is important to me. I want the logo to be something that can easily be made black and white, or at least keep the elements recognizable without color. The logo should be easy to put on clothing or business cards, and it should also go a long way toward telling people what the site is about. For these reasons, I had her make a d20 sided dice to see how that would fit in. So far, #4 is my favorite. Numbers 1 and 2 do a great job at making a simple logo, though I fear the potentional confusing between gaming and gambling.

On a side note, I had fun exlaining to her that dice are numbered in a particular way. Opposite sides add up to the total number of sides plus 1. So 1 is opposite 6, 2 is opposite 5, and 3 is opposite 4. I'm not sure if her d20 follows the same rules, but if I went to far, she'd probably smack me upside the head.

So what are your thoughts on the logo? Color schemes can be modified, I'm sure, but I'd like to know what you think.


Space Hulk Enthusiast said...

More 40k looking, not so much Casino feeling.

I like your site as is, are you going for looks or content? Mine isn't much to look at either...

Jason said...

More than just Lots of Dice the blog though. My wife and I have a long term plan to eventually have our own little gaming store named as such.

However, I'll see if she'd be interested in doing up a 40k'ish logo and see what she comes up with.

Space Hulk Enthusiast said...

Ahhh.... I like #6 then, but only if you use the same font all the way across (the one used for the word" dice")

Da_Sub said...

I would have to agree, #6 but with one font would work better. and it would suit business cards and signs better, plus all one font makes sign-writers happy (this last bit from my Uncle who has been a sign-writer since the early 80's).

I think what you are aiming for is something eye-catching enough to make potential customers take a second glance. #6 to me seems to give this vibe better.

Dverning said...

#4's design makes me think "pizza joint"... maybe Dominoe's?
My graphic designer background has to vote #6 also. Though I'd keep the mixed font. (Pay no attention to the crappy lack of logo on my blog... It's forthcoming...)


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